Where do you ship?
  • We are currently shipping to the USA and Canada only.
When will my order ship?
  • All orders will be shipped within 48 of being placed.
Why does my package have mixed shipping materials?
  • We reuse and recycle most of our shipping products
Can I request a custom piece?
  • YES, please allow 2 weeks for turnaround time
What kind of metals do you use?
  • Copper, Steel, Brass
Why did you stop using steel for your hangers?
  • We have changed over to surgical stainless steel for skin sensitivity reasons, we do not suggest wearing Copper, Brass, or Steel directly on the skin as it could cause irritation
Can you replace the stainless hangers with Steel, Copper, or Brass?
  • Absolutely! please DM us with any questions and changes you may have